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1983 The Smiths Promo Posters

The Smiths released two singles: Hand in glove and This charming man, both with promo posters. Hand in glove is one of the most romantic lyrics from Morrissey and This Charming man became from the very first moment a hymn for The Smiths fans.

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1984 The Smiths Promo Posters

The Smiths released 3 singles: What Difference Does it Make, Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now,William and it was really nothing. Besides, they released 2 albums: The Smiths album, which reached number 2 in UK Chart, and a compilation of singles and b-sides call Hatful of Hollow.

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1985 The Smiths Promo Posters

Meat is Murder was the second studio album from The Smiths and got to them to first position of Uk Charts. Besides, The Smiths released 4 singles: How soon is now, Shakespeare’s Sister, That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore and The Boy with the Thorn in his Side.

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1986 The Smiths Promo Posters

Johnny Marr guitar and Morrissey lyrics mixed in one of the best LP of the music history: The Queen is Dead. Although, it did not reached the number one position in UK Charts because of Peter Gabriel, Queen, Genesis and Madonna.During that year The Smiths released 3 singles: Bigmouth Strikes Again and Panic and Ask, just right after The Queen is Dead released.

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1987 The Smiths Promo Posters

After five years of The Smiths band, in august the group split-up. That made 1987 the more prolific year when Rough Trade released 5 singles: Shoplifters of the World Unite, The Sheila Take a Bow, Girlfriend in a Coma, I Started Something I couldn’t finish and Last Night I Dreamt that somebody loved me. The Smiths released one studio album and 2 compilation albums: Strangeways, here we come and The World won’t listen and Louder than bombs (First, released in US).

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 1988 The Smiths Promo Posters

Rank was released as a contractual obligation, a year after the band had split. It was recorded on 23 October 1986 at National Ballroom in Kilburn, London and is a fourteen-track distillation (of 21 songs) by Morrissey from the complete concert recording that had earlier been transmitted by BBC Radio 1. 

The songs omitted from the recording of the Kilburn show are: “I Want the One I Can’t Have”, “There Is a Light That Never Goes Out”, “Frankly, Mr. Shankly”, “Never Had No One Ever”, “Meat Is Murder” and “How Soon Is Now?

According to Smiths biographers Johnny Rogan and David Bret, Morrissey originally titled the album The Smiths in Heat. Rough Trade objected and Morrissey proposed Rank, “as in ‘J. Arthur’” (J. Arthur Rank is Cockney rhyming slang for “wank”)

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Not The Cartel – The Smiths Posters

Here you can find more posters from The Smiths distributed inwards or outwards of UK. 
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