Hatful of Hollow LP

Release date: 1984, November

Uk Chart: 7

Cover star:  1983 photo taken by Gilles Decroix for Liberation french magazine  of a Jean Cocteau fan named Fabrice Colette sporting a Cocteau tattoo of a drawing seen in his ‘The White Book’. The image was published originally on a   french magazine special of 1983, Liberation, about  Cocteau where appeared the image of the model idolising him.

Etchings on the single’s matrix: 1- IMPOTENCE OF ERNEST

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LP Promo poster - The Smiths, 1984, Novembre

Hatful of hollow – The Smiths, 1984, Novembre

Hatful of Hollow

1. William, It Was Really Nothing

2. What Difference Does It Make?

3. These Things Take Time

4. This Charming Man

5. How Soon Is Now?

6. Handsome Devil

7. Hand In Glove

8. Still Ill

9. Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now

10. This Night Has Opened My Eyes

11. You’ve Got Everything Now

12. Accept Yourself

13. Girl Afraid

14. Back To The Old House

15. Reel Around The Fountain

16. Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want